SportsLeader is a virtue-based mentoring and motivation program for coaches. 

It is for schools and teams, whether public or private, who are interested in a structured, intentional and specific method and curriculum to help teach virtue.

It is flexible, easy to implement and is designed for the coach to integrate into their practice schedule.

The program is for all grade levels from Kindergarten on up and is for both boys and girls.

We have two versions of the program:

-Grade School

-High School and College

The grade school version has a curriculum based on three core virtues.

The High School and College version is designed to give the coach more flexibility by choosing a weekly virtue theme to center his coaching around.

The main components of the program are: Virtue talks and Mentoring.

We have many other traditions, activities and events for those interested in more.



If you are interested in bringing the virtue program to your entire athletic department, we recommend contacting us for an inservice training of all your coaches, both head and assistant.

If you are just looking for some materials you can visit our store.


Some questions to think about:

1. Do you want in-person training for your athletic department or team?

- If so contact us at LJudd@SportsLeader.org

2. If you would simply like to purchase some coach manuals and other products:

-Visit our store at www.sportsleaderstore.com


To start off at the Grade School level:

-Season 1 Coaches Manual for Boy's Teams and commitment cards-lanyards



-Season 1 Coaches Manual for Girl's Teams and magnets or commitment cards-lanyards



To start off at the High School and above level for both young men and young women's teams:

Strength for Life Coaches Manual and commitment cards-lanyards



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If you would like more information on InService training seminars or other information please contact Lou Judd at 859.512.2572