Social Styles Profile

Social Styles Profile

Circle the best description of you. (or teammate if it’s not for you)


I am:


1.  A.  direct, practical, and to the point

     B.  emotional and excitable                                  

     C. supportive and dependable

     D.  intellectually oriented and serious most of the time


2.  A.  direct attention to what needs to be done right now, ignoring the “long range” 

     B.  show impatience with ideas which show little originality  

     C. am respectful and patient toward people with ideas/strategies NOT thought through. 

     D.  cautiously expresses frustration with those who don’t have their facts straight.


3.  A.  dominating or intense 

     B.  emotional or overly dramatic 

     C.  agreeable or flexible  

     D.  concerned with specifics to the point of being picky.


4.  A.  want to work with people who want to get results quickly 

     B.  work easily with people who are creative and interested in implementing new things 

     C.  Cooperates with almost everybody, just likes to be stimulated and involved with people. 

     D.  needs time to gather all the facts and develop projects systematically and logically.


5.  A.  likes giving orders or working independently 

     B.  gives one’s opinions readily  

     C.  works collaboratively with people, not alone 

     D.  wants to make decisions based only on the facts


6.  A.  self reliant and self sufficient 

     B.  spontaneous or impulsive 

     C.  good natured and kind to all 

     D.  critical and quick to question


7.  A.  “pushy” and to the point 

     B.  outgoing and shares feelings easily 

     C.  patient and a great listener 

     D.  orderly and needs proof before agreeing to anything


8.  A.  desires immediate actions that will work for today, now 

     B.  focuses on long-range goals or dreams; poor time discipline 

     C.  concerned with how plans may affect others 

     D.  wants any action to fit within a systematic, proven program


9.  A.  likes people that are confident and results oriented 

     B.  enjoys people that are exciting and creative 

     C.  relaxed about people but needs to have a friendly and open environment 

     D.  can appear cautious, or aloof in dealing with other people, slow to make decisions on who to interact with


10. A.  aggressive: “get there first” 

      B.  extroverted; seeking and enjoying the company of others 

      C.  patient; tolerant of other’s opinions 

      D.  suspicious: desires perfection.


11.  A.  a pragmatic “mover” who likes solving problems 

       B.  a broad-range thinker capable of making innovative contributions 

       C.  a caring person clearly in touch with the group’s mood and needs 

       D.  a systematic thinker who could help the group analyze its problems and needs


12.  A.  attempts to push their opinion 

       B.  expresses feelings, probably better left unsaid  

       C.  can be swayed by strong personalities that are not necessarily correct 

       D.  misses the big picture and gets caught up in the details


13.  A.  desires to get more things accomplished than they have planned 

       B.  wants to develop new ways of thinking and create ideas that can be implemented 

       C.  tries to understand and wants to respond in a way supportive to the feeling of others 

       D.  is preoccupied with and focuses on perfecting daily tasks rather than the future view


14.  A.  dominating, tough or abrupt 

       B.  moody, excitable or impulsive 

       C.  trusting, conforming or unsure 

       D.  highly unemotional and sometimes detached


15.  A. enjoys winning 

       B.  enjoys having fun 

       C.  defends others, win or lose 

       D. resists speaking, win or lose


16.  A.  while under pressure, is concerned with proving themselves with immediate action 

       B.  when pressed, is emotional and gets carried away with feelings 

       C.  when pressed is most concerned with what others think and tends not to take action 

       D.  with pressure, is slow to make decisions, needs to be correct and is critical of other’s decisions


17.  A.  concerned with the here and now 

       B.  wants to get to the future; may misjudge the present situation 

       C.  concerned about others; may not focus on the specific problem 

       D.  concerned with the system and the logic of the system being utilized


18.  A.  wants to be described as a person who knows where he/she is going and how they will get there 

       B.  desires to be perceived as enthusiastic and stimulating 

       C.  interested in being viewed as a dependable person who comes through for people 

       D.  wants to be known as intellectually gifted


19.  A.  no nonsense; concentrates on getting what they want accomplished right now, can appear cold to others 

       B.  Original, fresh and unusual, says what they think  

       C.  Compassionate; finds out how others are feeling and makes sure everybody can agree  

       D.  wants to get all information, needing proof before proceding


20.  A.  forceful and powerful 

       B.  popular and personable 

       C.  willing and supportive  

       D.  thorough and industrious



Add up each A, B, C, and D; multiply and put those numbers here:


A______________ X  5 = ________________ %  A Driver


B______________ X 5 = _________________ % B Expressive


C______________ X 5 = _________________ % C Amiable


D______________ X 5 = _________________ % D Analytical